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Our Company Profile

KAD Construction possesses capabilities in diverse disciplines, specializing in Infrastructure, Roads, Oil & Gas, Power Transmission, District Cooling System, Pumping Station, Earthworks & Civil Works. KAD has developed a reputation for completing projects on time and within budget constraints.

Our mission is to deliver Projects with a reputation for quality work, focus always on our Clients' satisfaction.

KAD is a multi-disciplinary engineering & construction company which has expanded its operation with the execution of strategic infrastructure projects to become one of the most reliable contracting companies in the region. KAD’s success and special relationships with its Clients led to long term alliances supported by local and international expertise. KAD has carved out a reputation as an industry leader and innovator in some of the most technically challenging Projects in the infrastructure industry.

Building a Better Way Since 2010

KAD Staff & Manpower are not only the biggest assets of the Company, but they are the Company, and without them, KAD would not become the Company it is today. Each individual in KAD is unique, and together, KAD Staff & Manpower form an engineering force that can tackle any Project, no matter how challenging, with a unique engineering approach, placing KAD as a leader in value engineering which goes hand in hand with the construction, delivering value for our Clients' money; by tailoring the services to suit our Clients' goals and requirements.

KAD provides ideas and solutions that are both succesful and sustainable. KAD is not a generic contractor that copies the norms and implements, instead, we always think outside the box, and we push ourselves to find the exact engineering solution for our Clients' ultimate purposee for their assets.

Message from Our CEO
KAD's 10 year Anniversary

To My Colleagues and the Big KAD Family

        It is with great joy, that we mark Apr. 14th , 2020, as the 10th year anniversary of the establishment of KAD. And it with greater joy, that our anniversary has come at the most difficult of times, not only in terms of the business industry, but to the whole humanity in its existence. To see all of you working and working harder against all odds, is the essence of our 10th year Anniversary. I was planning a big event / celebration to mark our Anniversary and make it an unforgettable memory, but of course, I had to cancel all plans due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, but to tell you the truth, there is no celebration and no greater blessing, than to see KAD cruising in these tough days through this bumpy sea, and against all odds that threaten our construction industry. I'm not saying that we will not celebrate when all this is over, but our biggest celebration now, is our endurance, stamina, patience, strong-will, hard-work, honesty, compassion, motivation, and ambition.

This challenging journey could have never been made, without each and everyone of you, and it is not only the number of years, spent in KAD, that determine each and everyone's contribution to KAD, but it is how much passion, hard-work, sacrifice, loyalty, you have gifted to KAD. 

We have very tough days ahead of us, and history will not forgive us if we get tired, disappointed, or weary. Hard-Work, dedication, loyalty, will never go in vain, as KAD was only built on such foundation. This is KAD, this is what defines us, and without our unique personalities and unification on one goal, which is the success of KAD, and the success of our careers, KAD will seize to exist, and become just another brick on the wall. Our aim is not to be the biggest, our aim is to be the best in fairness, equality, kindness, and most importantly; to be a Company of ethical principles, we will never bargain for our principles, and we will never trespass anyone's rights under the umbrella of "business". 

I want to congratulate all of you, and especially, the veterans who have been a long way with KAD, and who would rather retire, than leave KAD for another company. I want to deeply thank each and everyone of our Big Family, for every hour they are sweating for KAD, for all the late hours they are spending on Sites and in Offices. 

Keep up the good work, and work from your heart and not only from your brain, work because you love to be a family member in the Big Family of KAD, as our work is what defines us, it is our mark and legacy in this life.

Sincerely Yours,

Kamil Sawan
Your Captain of the Ship

Our Aim

  • KAD is committed to the highest quality, with maximum operational value to our Clients. The Company is accredited to Quality Systems for Production and Installation.
  • Quality of service, installation and research and development programs remain our main objectives.
  • KAD is safety orientated with ongoing training, policies and procedures in place, and has the resources required to engineer and construct, including fully dedicated Safety, Quality Assurance, and Projects Departments.
  • Our success depends on the timely completion and delivery of our services to our Clients, where we supply a level of quality and value for money that meets or exceeds our Clients' requirements.
  • This is achieved through a dedicated, productive and accountable workforce that is prepared to accept responsibility for the work that they perform.
  • To employ the best industry practice and strive for excellence through total and continuous improved innovation.


To act ethically, , with social and environmental responsibility, in the construction industry, in the developed industries to meet our Clients’ expectations. KAD’s mission is to provide sustainable and appropriate Engineering & Construction solutions with a positive social and environmental impact, thus ensuring value for all stake-holders.Our mission is to engineer and construct, with a reputation for quality work, focus always on Clients' satisfaction.


To be a competitive Company and a reference in the engineering & construction industry, with dynamism and creativity. KAD Construction strives to establish itself as the preferred Contractor. Continuous up gradation of our technical expertise through developing manpower skills, procedures, and engineering, and implementing latest technology to set up an efficient work culture and remain the leader in the construction industry.